Our Fall 2018 Trip to Piedmont, Northern Italy

Tom and I have been fortunate to be able to plan and enjoy a trip each fall. In the fall of 2018 we visited Asti and Torino in Piedmont, Northern Italy for two weeks, and then completed our relaxing sojourn with a week’s stay in Varenna on Lake Como, our favorite place in Italy, excepting Sicily, of course, Tom being 100% Sicilian. I am English and German with a bit of Ireland thrown in for spice, but I love Italy the most of all the places we visit.  We travel slowly, staying for a week or more in each place as much as we can. I will post separately for our stay in Varenna.

Asti is a small city with much charm. We stayed in an apartment in the Old Town, no cars to watch for. We took a few day trips and finished each day with a walk around the various piazza topped off with a delicious Northern Italian dinner, and a walk home.

The courtyard we looked into from our kitchen and small balcony.

Our quiet street led into the center of the town, and at the other end to the parking lot where we left our car. I love the street name – Via Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo II.

Asti is a charming place. The banners from the big horse race from the week before we arrived. The arched walkways everywhere pleased us greatly.

Our road trips took us to Alba, Bra, Cuneo, Saluzzo and SaviglianoIn Alba we had a delightful lunch in a small cafe we came upon, the Vin Cafe on Via Dei Mille.

The market in Cuneo was sumptuous.

Saluzzo we stopped for coffee and a sketch of the Parrocchia del Duomo on piazza Garibaldi 1, after our required afternoon gelato, of course.

Our favorite Piazza in Asti was Piazza Statuto.

On Piazza Alfieri we dined with style at Ristorante Reale.

We moved from Asti to Turin, Torino, on our 8th day of the visit. Stopped in Pinerolo for a walk and lunch at “Kreuzberg.”


Dropped off our car and began our week in Turin. What an amazing city. I won’t even begin to touch on what a wonderful stay we had. Will just tease you with a couple of images and sketches. First, our views from our hotel balcony, Town House 70 on Via XX September.

Our first night we wandered down the via to Bistrot El Puig D’Estelles, definitely a small bistro where the locals ate.  Really perfect.

Lots of churches and towers to draw. The first is the This  we  could  see  from  our  balcony, Chiesi dell’ Arconfratenita Garibaldi.

This one sketched while we sipped our capucchino, the corner of Via San Tommaso and Via Pietro Micca.

I wasn’t prepared to enjoy the Musee Nazionale dell’ Automobile di Torino as much as I did. It was amazing. Tom loved it.

We hope to return someday to Torino especially. There is so much to see. Here are a few teaser pictures of the incredible architecture and environment.