Sketching in Italy, Fall 2016, Part 3

Let me begin with apology to my blog. I haven’t posted since October of 2017, and so much has happened in the last 15 months! We travelled to Viet Nam in late fall of 2017, and to  Piemonte and Lake Como in September 2018. We’ve spent two weeks of February every year in Key West, and will be leaving for this year’s Key West adventure in a week!

Back to September of 2016, we left San Marino, and drove through Urbino, to Ascoli Piceno; day trips around Abruzzo,  on to Sulmona, more day trips, and then on to the coast to Termoli and to our first stop in Puglia – Vieste.”’


Leaving Ascoli Piceno after a relaxed morning and lunch in the Cafe Meletti on the Piazza del Popolo, we set out on a long drive to Sulmona, our home base for our explorations in Abruzzo. Our first day began with a walk through the weekly market in Piazza Garibaldi. Very cool. Tom and I are huge fans of public markets. We left mid morning for adventures in Cascio, Castel del Monte, Villa Lago, Scanno, and Introdaqua.

One of the many friendly vendors at the Sulmona market

Ilio DiPaolo’s hometown – Introdacqua!

The man-made lake at Scanno

Villa Lago, L’Aquila

A road trip of beautiful views

View from Via del Municipo, Castel del Monte

The next leg of our trip will begin with Part 4 of Sketching in Italy, Fall 2016.

4 thoughts on “Sketching in Italy, Fall 2016, Part 3

  1. These are beautiful sketches, Carol. They make me want to grab pencil and pen. I love your mastery of perspective as well as the choices you make for the subjects of your sketches. Are you contemplating sharing any sketches you made in Vietnam? I’d really love to see them.
    I served in SE Asia in 1969/70 and sketched some. One of my favorites was a sampan on the Mekong River near Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. I mislaid the portfolio some years ago and have been searching for it since. I’m sure it’s buried in our attic.
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I’m glad you came back to your blog right as I found it! You paintings are wonderful. We have a handful of them hanging up in our building and a couple of my colleagues are hoping you sell prints! In particular, I love the painting from 2015, I think, of the history museum. I also spent 6 months in college in Florence, so it will be nice to look through all of your paintings of Italy.


    • I do sell archival (giclee) signed prints. I have them made one at a time, not in large editions. Tell me which ones you like, desired image sizes, and I can get you pricing.


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