at the seashore

Carolina Beach view

This sketch is from my trip to visit my daughter and granddaughter in the Wilmington, NC area. We had a lovely lunch on an inland waterway in Carolina Beach.  Sketch took as long as it took to choose and get our lunch, probably 20 minutes with pigma micron felt pen in my trusty moleskin sketchbook.

carolina beach photo

Then we went to the beach in Liz’s jeep wrangler. Carolina Beach. Beautiful family place. Nice and clean with great warm surf to play in.

Carolina Beach

This beach view is also in my moleskin, felt pen and my new Derwent intense watercolor pencils.

Wrightsville Beach

From my visit last Spring. Wrightsville Beach. Painted in my studio from a photo. Watercolor on arches paper.

I love visiting North Carolina!

1 thought on “at the seashore

  1. These are all fabulous. I ran out to Hyatt’s and bought a Pigma Micro pen. See, I want to be just like TOC! I also bought a ton of stuff- all on sale, of course. We just got back from the Cape, visiting our dear little family there. Gorgeous weekend. Didn’t do journal even tho I promised myself I would. Let’s see if we can find some time next week. I will be at Sally’s class. Love you, xoxoxoxoxoxo

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